Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Spencer Cullor is a multifamily investor and syndicator. Spencer holds expertise in commercial, multifamily, and residential real estate.  He also spent several years as a homebuilder before moving over to the investment side.  Using his skills in project management, capital raising, financial analysis, construction, and contract management, he has successfully owned and managed multiple framing crews, has overseen numerous rehabilitations and flips of residential homes, multifamily properties, and started his own property management company specializing in multifamily and commercial properties. 


“When you’re getting started or new to the business, take on mechanical systems that you understand and take on much less risk so you can understand the business side of it. Take on easy projects first and get to know it.” 

“The most important thing when we were getting started, is we really became a student of the industry. So, really really learn the business from the ground up.” 


3:41- Spencer talks about his background and how he got into real estate 

13:24- Spencer talks about his property management business 

22:36- Spencer talks about collections due to the pandemic 

26:05- Spencer shares the most challenging deal he’s ever had 

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