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Scott Meyers is a nationally recognized real estate investor & a leading authority in the niche of self storage properties. Scott began his investing career back in 1993 after watching a late night infomercial by purchasing the training program and putting it into immediate action. Within a short 6 years, he amassed a portfolio of 20 rental homes and was able to quit his full-time corporate gig and transition into a full-time real estate investor. A few short years thereafter, he built his rental portfolio to over 400 rentable units (primarily SFR’s and apartments), but then Sept 11th happened and his business went on a downward spiral.

To stave off financial ruin and financial recourse from his lenders, Scott proceeded to fire sale all of his struggling assets to avoid a massive personal financial catastrophe. Luckily, he was able to sell of everything before it was too late and now had the task of finding a new investment vehicle that would put food back onto his families table. The answer – Self Storage Facilities

In this interview, Scott gives us the nuts and bolts on how he has built a huge passive income stream by investing in self-storage facilities. Scott has successfully owned and operated self storage facilities across the US and will show us how you can do the same. If you ever wanted to know whether or not self storage might be a good investment vehicle for you, then you need to take an hour and listen to this incredible interview with Scott.


In this interview with Scott you’re going to learn:

·         How he got started in real estate and the valuable lessons he’s learned through his journey

·         Why he considers self storage to be one of the easiest commercial property types to manage

·         The strategy he uses to seek out the best markets to invest in

·         The system he personally uses to find, buy, finance, fix, and manage his self storage deals

·         Why he prefers self storage properties over all other asset types; Including retail, apartments, office, mobile home parks, etc

·         And much more…

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