Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Joe Fairless is a real estate investor who specializes in multi-family apartments. Joe has a very unique story in that, he has only been investing in RE for a little over one year and prior to that he was a Ad man at a NYC ad agency.

He basically went from zero RE experience to owning/managing 172 units in less than one year. The most impressive part, is that with no prior syndication experience and none of his own money, he was able to raise the $1.3 million down payment needed to purchase a 168 unit apartment complex in OH.

In this interview, Joe shares with us the secrets to his success and how you can apply those same principles to your real estate business. Joe proves that it you don’t need your own large personal bankroll to get started nor do you need years and years of prior investing experience in order to move up to larger properties.

   In this interview with Joe you’re going to learn:

·         Why apartments are a much smarter play if your primary focus is monthly cash flow

·         His strategy for raising the necessary capital to do his big apartment deal

·         Why a mentor “someone who is already successful in this business” is so critical to your success

·         Why it’s sooooo important to get that first deal done and create a track record for yourself



·         And much more

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