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Our guest for this week’s show is powerhouse retail investor and developer and founder of Simon CRE, Josh Simon. In today’s show, we’ll be speaking with josh about how he started his CRE business from scratch while still in his mid-twenties and in a short 6 years has grown it to a company that holds more than half a million sq. ft. of retail space and is currently on track to develop more than $100 million dollars of projects in 2016.

Josh is the true definition of an entrepreneur and his fearless, but acutely focused attitude are what led him to where he is today. I’m absolutely positive that you’ll gain massive value from our show together and will be both inspired and motivated by Josh’s story.

 In this show with Josh you’re going to learn: 

  • How Josh got his start in the commercial real estate industry and went onto found Simon Commercial Real Estate.
  • The struggles he face by starting his company in 2010, which was pretty much at the bottom of the recession and how he was able to push through and build a multimillion dollar commercial real estate firm within a few short years.
  • The first deal Josh did after stepping out on his own and how this first deal molded the business model that he built the basis of Simon CRE.
  • The reasons he feels that all the good shopping center redevelopment plays have dried up and most of the good deals have been picked over.
  • The impact that technology is having on the retail industry and how future developments will need to have drastic redesigns in order to adapt things such as or autonomous or self driving cars.
  • Why he feels that amazon drones or ecommerce stores won’t replace basic needs retail anytime soon.
  • The driving trends behind service based store chains like Dollar General and Dollar Tree and how these smaller retail footprints offer a more convenient option to larger store like walmart and targets.
  • What the process of site selection looks like when working as a preferred developer for a credit retailer.
  • Why Josh suggests that focus is one of the most important traits in the real estate industry.
  • And much more

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