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Today's Flash Back Friday Episode is from Episode #120 that originally aired in August of 2016.

In today’s show, we’ll be speaking with the President of Stewardship properties, Bill Syrios. More specifically, we’ll learn how Bill got his start as a real estate investor while working as a campus pastor at the University of Oregon. And although Bill is well versed in most types of real estate, today we’re going to focus on the student housing niche and what lessons he’s learned during his time within this segment. I’m absolutely positive that you’ll gain massive value from our show together and will be both inspired and motivated by Bill’s story.

In this show with Bill you’re going to learn:

  • How Bill got involved in Real Estate investing in Portland, OR while working full-time as a pastor.
  • How Bill uses the power of leverage to build cash flow and long-term wealth.
  • The Stanford marshmallow experiment and how this applies to you and your real estate business. If you’re not familiar with it then do a quick google search.
  • How Bill adds massive value to his student housing rentals by utilizing and converting any and all unused space into living space.
  • How close in proximity to the school your rentals need to be in order to be desirable.
  • Understanding the market analysis and determining market demand.
  • How smaller companies like Bill’s have been able to compete and succeed against the larger institutional developers who are building mega student housing projects.
  • The challenges of dealing with an 80% annual turnover rate and how to effectively manage it.
  • What websites and online directories are most popular for marketing student rentals.
  • The benefits of having Mom and Dad as the guarantor.
  • How to convert non-residential type of real estate into student rentals. For example, Bill speaks about how he converted a medical office building into a student housing building.

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