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Our guest for this week’s show is real estate investor and multifamily syndicator, David Thompson. David is a Real estate Investor based in Austin, TX. His story is one of commitment, dedication, and a “never give up” attitude. In today’s show, David is going to share how he recently raised $1 million in a short 2 weeks for his very first multi-family deal. And if that isn’t impressive enough, this first deal is 320 units. So let me recap, this was the first time he ever raised capital for a real estate deal and this was his very first multifamily property.

So, todays show will be part 1 of a 2 part series where David is going to share with us the 10 BIG lessons he’s learned on this first deal and how you can take these same lessons and apply them in your own business. I’m absolutely positive that you’ll gain massive value from our show together and will be both inspired and motivated by David’s Story. 

The 4 Lessons We’ll Discuss in Todays Show:

  • The Importance of Partnering w/ Experts 
  • Gaining knowledge and confidence by studying the Investment Pitch deck and handling the investors questions and objections head on.
  • The Power of a Great Project
  • The significance of your list of contacts and why you need to start working this list far before you find your first deal.

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