Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Ken McElroy oversees the Mc Companies asset portfolio and leads the day-to-day operations including financial and operating analysis, investor relations and business development. An industry veteran, Ken served in leadership roles in multi-family asset and property management for more than 20 years. He is also an expert in development, project/construction management, investment analysis and acquisitions/dispositions, as well as business development and client relations.

Ken is an advisor to Robert Kiyosaki of The Rich Dad Company, and wrote numerous books and audio programs, including How to Increase the Income from your Real Estate Investments, (available at Rich Dad). Ken also hosted WS Radio's weekly Entrepreneur Magazine's Real Estate Radio Program.

In 2004, Ken wrote his first best-selling book, The ABC's of Real Estate Investing. He recently published his second book about multi-family management and real estate investing, Rich Dad’s Advisors: The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing. For more information about Ken McElroy or his books, visit

Ken and his family live in Scottsdale, Arizona where they enjoy various sports and outdoor activities year round. Two of his favorite pastimes are coaching his children’s sports activities and golfing.

In this interview with Ken you’re going to learn:

·         How he built his company from one rental unit to over 9,000+

·         How transitioning into larger real estate deals has transformed his business

·         Why he feels bigger deals are just as easy, if not easier, than small deals

·         What key indicators he looks for in a new market before determining whether or not his company will invest there

·         What value creation opportunities he looks for in his deals

·         Why learning how to raise money is one of the most important things he has ever done for his business

·         And much more…

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