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The founder of Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing, David Campbell, started investing in real estate part-time while he was working as a full time high school band director with zero net worth.  Within six years and before the age of 30, David had become a financially independent millionaire through the vehicle of part-time real estate investing.  David left public school teaching in 2005 to focus on real estate development and commercial real estate investment brokerage. His company’s investing and advisory experience has included single-family houses, apartments, retail, office, medical, condo-conversion, net-leased properties, syndications, land development, production home building, private lending, and winery. 


David has been a featured guest on some of America’s top radio shows for investing.  His blog has been named one of the top 100 real estate blogs in America.  David is widely recognized as a cashflow real estate investing expert with real estate transactional experience well in excess of one hundred million dollars.  David currently serves as CEO alongside his wife Tamsyn as CFO of various development and asset management companies. 

In this episode, David will pull back the curtain and talk to us about NNN lease investments and why he feels that any active investor looking for a “TRUE” passive income stream and secure returns should strongly consider adding this investment to their real estate portfolio.

In this interview with David you’re going to learn:

·      *  How he went from being a high school band teach to more than $800 million in real estate transactions     in just 14 years

·       * How and why he became a specialist in NNN lease investments

·         * What a NNN investment is and why you should consider this type of investment if you enjoy passive income streams

·        * Why NNN investments are typically a very safe and low hassle type of real estate investment

·       *  How and why David selects the particular group of NNN tenants he invests in

·       *  How he identifies great NNN investment opportunities

·        * David will also share with us how to access his many hours of free training content that he has built of the years – and it’s incredibly valuable – no strings attached


Important links Discussed on the show:

Free 1 hour video on NNN lease investments:

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