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Ep #18: Commercial Mortgages 101 – with Michael Reinhard

Michael Reinhard is an independent commercial mortgage banker for Texas Commercial Mortgage and a Texas state licensed real estate broker based in Houston, Texas. Michael has 20 years experience in financing and brokering commercial real estate investment properties throughout Texas and surrounding states.

He began his commercial real estate career in Houston after earning a Masters degree in Land Economics & Real Estate from Texas A&M University in May 1989. He was formerly employed as a senior commercial real estate loan officer for Imperial Capital Bank and was responsible for underwriting and originating commercial real estate loans for both private and institutional investors and developers throughout the United States. He has originated and underwritten over $300 million in commercial real estate loans since 1995 for the acquisition and refinance of apartment buildings, retail centers, office buildings, industrial warehouses, hotels, medical facilities and mobile home parks.

Michael will share with us the in’s and out’s of financing your commercial investment property and navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of commercial real estate financing.

In this interview with Michael you’re going to learn:

·         What the primary differences are between a commercial mortgage and a residential mortgage

·         Learn the 7 primary sources of where the money is coming from to fund your deals

·         Learn the components of preparing a “kick ass” loan package

·         How to obtain a commercial loan, even if you have little to no track record

·         Learn why you have many more funding options when dealing with a broker vs. your local bank

·         Learn the difference between recourse and non-recourse debt

·         And much more

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