Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Danny would dream about one day owning and operating a successful commercial real estate investment firm.  In 2008, Danny and his co-founder, Chris Newberry finally got started by founding Value Investment Group which specializes in distressed and value-add commercial real estate investments with its core focus being multi-family and retail shopping centers.

Danny shares with us the steps he took to get to where he is today in owning/operating 200+ units of multi-family real estate. Also, Danny walks us through one of his most recent value add multifamily acquisitions and speaks specifically to the step by step process of adding massive value (forced equity) to this asset. You're going to love Danny’s story.

In this interview with Danny you’re going to learn:

·         How he uncovers hidden value in distressed and value-add projects

·         The big lessons he learned after doing his first few deals

·         Why learning how to raise money has helped his real estate business grow

·         The critical lessons he has learned along the way in his real estate journey

·         How his relationships with brokers has proven invaluable to finding great deals

·         And much more…

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