Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp
Ep #41: A candid conversation with the Founder of American Eagle Capital Partners – Arndt Nicklisch

Our special guest this week is Arndt Nicklisch, Founder of American Eagle Capital Partners, headquartered in New York, NY.  American Eagle Capital Partners is a private real estate investment firm that acquires and operates suburban office properties in select major metropolitan markets throughout the United States.

Prior to forming American Eagle Capital Partners, Mr. Nicklisch served in many high-profile roles with both private and publically traded Real Estate Equity firms. His experience and high level of expertise in the commercial real estate space is unsurpassed and I'm positive you'll enjoy our candid conversation with Arndt as we uncover we he got his start and how he's made it to where he is today.

In this interview with Arndt you’re going to learn:

§  The reasons he chose to leave a large equity firm in order to start his own REI group and why he wished he would have done it sooner

§  Why he prefers property specific capital raises to doing blind pool offerings

§  Why his group is focused on the suburban office sector

§  Why he prefers outsourcing his leasing and management to 3rd party groups rather than having it in-house

§  Why "remaining nimble" is a key component of American Eagle's investment strategy

§  The advantages of creating relationships with brokers and other industry professionals to keep continual deal flow

§  The primary downsides of the suburban office niche and how his team identifies the risks and overcomes them


§  And much more...

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