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Ep #45: How this self defense instructor went from Zero to 318 Multi-Family Units in less than 6 months – with Karma Senge

Karma Senge is the president of Karma Investment Properties. Karma Investment Properties is an active opportunistic and value-added real estate investment firm that is an investor, developer and asset manager of multifamily investment properties. The firm’s investment philosophy is to identify and capitalize on emerging real estate trends in growing markets before they become noticed by the broader investment market.

Karma Investment Properties uses a niche acquisition strategy that capitalizes on targeting a specific group of growing and underserved rental housing consumers and applies its lifestyle community approach to the investments.

In this interview, Karma shares with us the secrets to his success and how you can apply those same principles to your real estate business. Karma proves that with the proper focus and a strong will to succeed that anything is possible. His only regret – he wishes he would have started investing in Multi-Family properties a long time ago.

In this interview with Karma you’re going to learn:


§  How having a mentor and coach has been an integral part of his success in real estate

§  How he successfully transitioned from single family investments into his first apartment acquisition

§  Why he decided to focus his efforts on multifamily instead of the other commercial asset classes

§  How he was able to go from knowing "little to nothing" about commercial real estate to owning 318 MF units in less than 1 year

§  How he's able to continually achieve 10% and higher response rates on his direct mail campaigns

§  Why he prefers off-market deals to working with listed properties and brokers

§  Why if he could do it all over again he would have bypassed investing in SFR and started immediately in Multi-family


§  and much more

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