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Ep #50: Learn how this apartment building investor went from zero to 1,200 doors in less than 2 years – with Michael Becker

Our guest of honor for this week's show is Michael Becker, senior director of lending for Old Capital lending and principle partner of SPI advisory which is a real estate investment firm specializing in multi-family investment properties in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

In less than 2 years, Michaels company has been aggressively buying apartment buildings and as of this interview has acquired 1,200 doors and had another 400 in escrow.  Michael shares with us how he started off buying single family homes, and has successfully transitioned into buying and syndicating large multifamily properties with other investors.

If you are a new or experienced investor looking to grow your real estate business owning/operating multi-family properties, then listening to this interview with Michael Becker will give you new ideas and inspiration as you continue on your journey.

In this interview with Michael, you will learn:

  •          Why he decided to transfer his primary focus from the lending side over to the investment side of the business
  •          How he and his team are financing their deals with HUD's 223(f) program which offers non-recourse debt
  •          The system they are using to source their deals and create a consistent pipeline of opportunities even in this highly competitive market
  •          Why his group prefers light value-add plays which are already stabilized
  •         The qualities he looks for in a property management company and how  he seeks them out
  •           and much more
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