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Ep #66: Understanding Real Estate Financial Modeling - with Bruce Kirsch

This week we're going to speaking with Bruce Kirsch who is founder of REFM, a real estate financial modeling solutions provider who offers financial spreadsheet models, finance and financial modeling training, and financial modeling consulting for real estate transactions of all types.

REFM provides its customers with the advanced financial modeling knowledge, tools and skills they need to successfully model their real estate transactions and present them with confidence to potential partners, lenders and investors.

I’ve actually had the opportunity to go through and evaluate a few of REFM’s modeling tools and online training programs and I can personally say that the tools and trainings that Bruce and REFM offer are top notch and also very affordable in comparison to some of the other popular financial modeling software providers. And as an added bonus, REFM has a ton of free tools and resources available on their website including a free “back of the envelope” property evaluation templates to help you quickly sort out the promising deals from the duds.

In this show you’re going to learn:

  • What financial modeling is and why it's such a critical part of being a successful real estate investor
  • How to obtain the proper operations data for a property and make valid assumptions when building a financial model
  • How financial modeling helps you create and tell the story of any given property which is vitally important when raising private capital or pitching the deal to investors
  • Why you need to stay privy to all your local real estate news
  • Learn about REFM's tools and resources and how they can help your real estate business
  • How to download REFM's free modeling templates and other financial modeling tools
  • And much more

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