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Today's Flash Back Friday Episode is from Episode #58, which originally aired on February 23. 2015.

Our guest for this week’s show is Joe Stampone who is the Vice President of Investments for Atlas Real Estate partners, a privately held RE investment firm located in NYC who specializes in opportunistic and value add real estate in the multi-family, student housing, retail, and office sector

Unlike our typical guest here on the show who took the independent path of working their way to financial freedom through investing in real estate which usually consists of starting out with single family home investments and gradually working their way into larger and more profitable commercial deals, Joe decided on a different path, a path that landed him with a newly formed investment firm who specializes in institutional grade investments throughout a broad range of investment types.  

Joe 's goal with this approach was to surround himself with the smartest in the industry and build a track record for himself in order to gain an edge that will directly benefit him when the day comes where he'll venture out on his own. I personally think this is a brilliant approach and one that should be seriously considered by those who are currently working their way through college and have a serious interest in a career in real estate.            

In this show you’re going to learn:

  • The reasons for choosing the institutional path versus going out on his own
  • How he was able to land a key role with Atlas Real Estate Partners directly out of school
  • What fundamentals his group looks for within a particular market
  • How 3rd party strategic relationships has allowed Atlas to successfully diversify into multiple different asset classes
  • How Atlas has been able to create more efficient management of investor relations by integrating an already proven crowdfunding platform
  • What the day to day life within a private investment firm looks like
  • Joe's inspiration for starting his real estate blog
  • And much more...

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