Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Joel Block is a nationally recognized real estate investor & syndication expert, internationally acclaimed speaker and business development authority, accomplished author and president of Bullseye Capital – a national advisory firm specializing in Real Estate syndication.

In this interview, Joel gives us the inside scoop on how the big-time real estate investors (think Trump) raise millions of dollars to fund their real estate ventures and how YOU can do the same. Joel has successfully syndicated $100’s of millions worth of real estate transactions and will talk with us about why both new and seasoned investors need to learn the art of syndication.

If you want to take your Real Estate business to the next level, then you absolutely need to listen to this interview with Joel.

In this interview with Joel you’re going to learn:

·         How to use syndication to raise all the capital you’ll need for just about any size RE deal

·         How the big boy investors utilize syndication in funding their deals

·         The step-by-step process of putting together syndication

·         The biggest mistakes new syndicators make and how to avoid them

·         How to get paid not only on the real estate, but also by being the promoter of the deal

·         The 10 different ways to get paid in a syndicated transaction

·         How to get started on your first syndication deal - NOW

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