Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

It’s a fact that experience is by far the best teacher, but it is absolutely idiotic to reinvent the wheel. My suggestion is to learn from those who do what you do (real estate investor) and who have been extremely successful. The following 31mistakes come from a combination of my own personal experiences throughout my 14+ year investing career and from the most common responses I get from other successful investors when I ask them about their past and get the details on how they built their real estate business.

Learn from this series and avoid making these same mistakes.

In this show you’re going to learn:

·         Why it’s imperative that you have a game plan in place for your business

·         How to avoid the "tenant from hell"

·         Avoid being ripped off by contractors

·         Learn how to build your all-star team

·         Why cash flow should be your #1 priority

·         How to plan  so that you don’t run out of cash on your rehab or turnaround

·         How to ensure that you’ve properly protected your assets

·         And much more…

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