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Ep #47: Raising Money for Real Estate Deals via Syndication – with Michael Blank
In today's show we have a candid conversation with Michael about his start in the software industry with a company that went public and then how he then took his skills and money and transitioned into real estate investing and owning multiple pizza franchises up to what he specializes in today which is syndicating apartment buildings and teaching others how to do the same.

Michael’s focus is buying apartment buildings by raising money from private individuals and he’s been investing in residential and multifamily real estate since 2005 and began syndicating deals in 2010 and shares with us the details of all his experiences along the way.

In this interview, Michael shares with us the skills necessary to raise money for your RE deals via syndication. Michael proves that with the proper education and guidance that anyone with a will to succeed can successfully syndicate Real Estate Investments.

In this interview with Michael you’re going to learn:


§  Why he decided to transition from SFR into MF real estate

§  How he successfully raised capital for his apartment building acquisition as well as his pizza restaurants via syndication

§  Learn how his partnerships with his investors is structured

§  He tells us his method for finding investors for his deals and gives advice on how you should do it

§  Hear him discuss some of the difficulties and challenges he experienced when looking for investors

§  Why if he could do it all over again he would have bypassed investing in SFR and started immediately in Multi-family

§  Learn his secret, but simple, method for getting things done and being productive on a daily basis


§  and much more

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Ep #46: The 4 steps to Performing Successful Due Diligence on an Income Producing Commercial Property

Due to a large amount of emails over the past few months from our listeners who have had questions regarding current commercial and multi-family deals they're working on and how to effectively determine if they should move forward or pass I thought it would be appropriate to cover the topic of due diligence and it how it plays into the acquisition process and how proper due diligence can be the difference of identifying and moving forward on a great deal or being able to avoid a lemon.

In being a real estate investor you must acknowledge the risks associated with purchasing income producing property; however, you must also devise a solid plan for identifying and minimizing those risks or you will be the guy that is struck with analysis paralysis that looks at everything but buys nothing.

The idea of the “perfect deal” that has zero risk doesn’t exist so you might as well stop wasting your time looking for it. In fact, the more problems associated with a particular property typically result in more reward per ones efforts – I said typically but not always!

We all make mistakes being a real estate investor, but if you do your homework and do a thorough job during the due diligence process then you’ll do just fine


In this show today you’re going to learn:

§  What due diligence is and why it’s some important in the acquisition process

§  How to effectively evaluate your competition during the due diligence process

§  Why sellers are liars until proven otherwise and why you need to verify every possible thing

§  How skipping environmental inspections on a property can put you in financial ruins


§  and much more

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Ep #45: How this self defense instructor went from Zero to 318 Multi-Family Units in less than 6 months – with Karma Senge

Karma Senge is the president of Karma Investment Properties. Karma Investment Properties is an active opportunistic and value-added real estate investment firm that is an investor, developer and asset manager of multifamily investment properties. The firm’s investment philosophy is to identify and capitalize on emerging real estate trends in growing markets before they become noticed by the broader investment market.

Karma Investment Properties uses a niche acquisition strategy that capitalizes on targeting a specific group of growing and underserved rental housing consumers and applies its lifestyle community approach to the investments.

In this interview, Karma shares with us the secrets to his success and how you can apply those same principles to your real estate business. Karma proves that with the proper focus and a strong will to succeed that anything is possible. His only regret – he wishes he would have started investing in Multi-Family properties a long time ago.

In this interview with Karma you’re going to learn:


§  How having a mentor and coach has been an integral part of his success in real estate

§  How he successfully transitioned from single family investments into his first apartment acquisition

§  Why he decided to focus his efforts on multifamily instead of the other commercial asset classes

§  How he was able to go from knowing "little to nothing" about commercial real estate to owning 318 MF units in less than 1 year

§  How he's able to continually achieve 10% and higher response rates on his direct mail campaigns

§  Why he prefers off-market deals to working with listed properties and brokers

§  Why if he could do it all over again he would have bypassed investing in SFR and started immediately in Multi-family


§  and much more

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Ep #44: Learn To Become a Giver and Watch Your RE Business Grow

We all know that it is more blessed to give than to receive, a particularly apt rule during the holiday season. But what you may not know is that people who are givers in both their personal and working lives — through mentoring, fundraising, monetary donations, volunteering time, making introductions and sharing their expertise — land at the top of the success ladder.


In today's show I provide my personal account of my experience as it pertains to charitable giving through the bike ride and and how it has helped my business grow.

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