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Ep #52: A candid conversation with Real Estate and Investment Expert – Jason Hartman

Our guest of honor for this week's show is real estate expert and fellow podcaster, Jason Hartman.  Jason is a full-time real estate investor specializing in both single family and multi-family investment properties and currently owns investment properties in 11 different states.

Jason is a highly sophisticated investor who has been at this for a number of years and shares a great deal of knowledge during our conversation today which I know you'll find highly valuable.


In this is interview with Jason, you will learn:

§  Why Jason loves the housing niche and stays away from the other common asset types (retail, office, industrial)

§  How he is able to successful operate in numerous markets across the US

§  Why it's always a good time to invest in real estate as long as you're buying right

§  What fundamentals he looks for within the target markets he invests in

§  Why he loves leveraged real estate acquisitions

§  Why he feels owning your own primary residence isn't the best use of your money

§  His thoughts on the future of our dollar and the US from an economic standpoint


§  and much more





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Our guest of honor for this week's show is Bill Ham.  Bill is a full-time real estate investor specializing in multi-family investment properties in the state of Georgia. Bill started out his professional life as a corporate pilot but soon discovered that there had to be a better way to create financial freedom for himself which is when he bought his first duplex and decided to quit his job and become a full-time real estate investor.

In a very short period of time, Bill was able to acquire hundreds of Multi-Family units and utilized forms of creative financing with most of them.  Bill shares with us how he started off buying that first duplex, and has quickly moved on to bigger and better properties and continues to implement creative financing techniques into his acquisitions.

If you are a new or experienced investor looking to grow your real estate business owning/operating multi-family properties, then listening to this interview with Bill will help put you onto the right path to achieve massive success!

In this is interview with Bill, you will learn:

§  Why he loves apartments and no longer has an interest in investing in Single family

§  How he used creative financing for most of the properties he's purchased and how you can do the same

§  The role a mentor played in his education and success as a RE investor

§  How even starting in one of the most depressed markets in the US (macon GA) Bill was still able to find deals that provided massive cash flow

§  Why he preferred to build his own management company to oversee his portfolio

§  Why he feels that building relationships with commercial brokers is key to finding great deals


§  and much more

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Ep #50: Learn how this apartment building investor went from zero to 1,200 doors in less than 2 years – with Michael Becker

Our guest of honor for this week's show is Michael Becker, senior director of lending for Old Capital lending and principle partner of SPI advisory which is a real estate investment firm specializing in multi-family investment properties in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

In less than 2 years, Michaels company has been aggressively buying apartment buildings and as of this interview has acquired 1,200 doors and had another 400 in escrow.  Michael shares with us how he started off buying single family homes, and has successfully transitioned into buying and syndicating large multifamily properties with other investors.

If you are a new or experienced investor looking to grow your real estate business owning/operating multi-family properties, then listening to this interview with Michael Becker will give you new ideas and inspiration as you continue on your journey.

In this interview with Michael, you will learn:

  •          Why he decided to transfer his primary focus from the lending side over to the investment side of the business
  •          How he and his team are financing their deals with HUD's 223(f) program which offers non-recourse debt
  •          The system they are using to source their deals and create a consistent pipeline of opportunities even in this highly competitive market
  •          Why his group prefers light value-add plays which are already stabilized
  •         The qualities he looks for in a property management company and how  he seeks them out
  •           and much more
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Ep #49: Successful Commercial Real Estate Investing – Matt Ricciardella

Matthew Ricciardella is the managing principal of Crystal View Capital. In the real estate community Matthew is widely renowned and for his deal structuring and deal making skills.  Matthew specializes in investments and management of mobile home communities, self storage facilities, office, and retail properties.

Over the last eight years, he has been involved in more than $50 million of property acquisitions and dispositions as a principal in shopping centers, business parks, office buildings, mobile home communities, and self storage properties. Matthew is knowledgeable about real estate brokerage, development, construction, financing, syndication, leasing and marketing.  He has also been a guest speaker at many prominent real estate industry symposiums.  


 In our interview with Matt you're going to learn:

§  Why he prefers to diversify into multiple different asset types of commercial investments

§  How he continually feeds new deals into his pipeline

§  How having a mentor proved vital to his overall success

§  Why he prefers off-market deals to working with listed properties and brokers

§  Why he loves Mobile Home Park properties


§  and much more

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Ep #48: The 5 ways to find the perfect mentor or partner for your RE business

It’s a fact that experience is by far the best teacher, but it is absolutely idiotic to go at it alone if you can find a mentor who has been there and done that to hold your hand and show you the way. My suggestion is to learn from those who do what you do (real estate investor) and who have been extremely successful. This same principal also applies to finding another investor to partner or JV with on a deal. If you can find someone who will compliment your skills and who already has a track record you’ll find that the process is much easier than working with someone who has zero experience.

This week’s show will outline the methods which I have personally used in my business to find both partners and mentors and with paired with the will to succeed and some good ol’ hard work I know these methods will also yield results for you if applied correctly.

In this show you’re going to learn:

·    How to build a database of all individuals who own the types of buildings you’d like to one day own

·    How to directly market to these owners through various methods

·     How to use Linkedin to find your ideal mentor or partner

·     Why you need to formulate a concise action plan - TODAY

·     How to use brokers to help you find and get  introductions to owners and potential partners


·     And much more…

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