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This week's Cash Flow Friday tip is regarding finding a sponsor for your commercial real estate deal. If you’re brand new to the business and don’t have a track record of owning larger commercial properties then it’s quite common that in order for you to qualify for financing, you’ll need to bring an experienced partner onto the team, one who has a strong track record in the asset type you’re looking to acquire as well as a healthy financial statement; and this person would be referred to as a sponsor.

I’ll be sharing with you a few relatively simple methods you can use to secure a sponsor for your deal.

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  • Download my free success guide,  “7 habits of highly successful multi-family investors” by going to 



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How to Land Your First Multifamily Deal by Making Just 1 Phone Call Per Day

This week I'm going to share with you a case-study from a fellow podcast listener who after setting a goal to purchase his first apartment complex within 6 months was able to successfully close on a 38 unit property in Kansas City. He achieved this by following a simple process of making just one cold call per day to different property owners within his target markets who owned buildings within the size parameters he wanted to acquire. Tune in to hear the exact system he used. 

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Ep #112: Learn How To Create REAL Passive Cash Flow by Investing in Parking Lots – with John Roy

Our guest for this week’s show is Commercial Real Estate and Parking Lot Expert, John Roy.

In today’s discussion with John, we’re going to discuss the little known niche of parking lot investing. John is one of the foremost experts in the industry and spends time on both the investment side by personally owning parking lots as well as running a full service brokerage that solely specializes on parking lot sales.

My time spent with John was very enlightening, as I knew little to nothing about the parking business prior to our call together. If you’re like me, then you’re always open to learning about new investment methods that can provide you diversification and long-term cash flow and wealth creation. Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what you’re going to learn about in today's show.

In this show with John you’re going to learn:

  • How John got his start in the parking lot business and how purchasing a few dilapidated homes near the Notre Dame football stadium has spawned into a full blown multi-million dollar business for him.
  • What the air rights of a property are and why these can typically be much more valuable than keeping the parking lot as an ordinary income property.
  • The step-by-step process of getting into parking lot investments.
  • Why parking lots make for low maintenance investments in comparison to other commercial investments like apartments, office, retail, etc.
  • The value-add components to look for when seeking out a parking lot investment.
  • How to properly underwrite a parking lot investment when there are no financials available which is a quite common scenario when dealing with small-scale parking lot owners/operators.
  • How automation is changing the parking lot industry and how these changes are having a positive impact on the industry as a whole.
  • What type of financing is available on parking lots and how to obtain bank financing even when you’re buying a parking lot that doesn’t have accurate financial statements available.
  • How to utilize out-of-the-box strategies to find opportunities, even in today’s competitive environment.
  • And much more

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Ep #111: From Limousine Driver to Nationally Recognized Real Estate Developer Whose Work and Vision Helped Revitalize an Entire City

Our guest for this week’sshowisCommercial Real Estate Developer andInvestor,DickAnagnost.

In today’s discussionwithDick,we’re going to discuss how he’s gone fromLimousineowner/operatorto being the president and CEO of a highlysuccessfulfull servicecommercial real estate firm located inManchester, NH.Dick hasbecome an expert at re-positioning oldrundown historicbuildingsand re-purposing them for uses that meetthe needs oftoday’sbusinesses and consumers. Dick’s progressivevisionandunconventional thinking was the main driving force,whichbroughtdowntown Manchester back to its formerglory.

My time spent with Dickwasbothinspiring and motivating as it shows that hard andworkandperseverance truly does win at the end of the day. Anditdoesn’tmatter if you’re just starting out or are alreadyanexperiencedreal estate investor, I’m positive thatyou’llthoroughly enjoy andgain a ton of value from ourdiscussiontogether.

In this show with Dickyou’regoingto learn:

  • How Dick got his startinthelimousine business and how this business was the catalysttohisforay into the commercial real estate industry.
  • How the lack of amentorcausedmany unnecessary mistakes during his start in theindustry,whichis why he strongly suggests that all newinvestors/developersfinda mentor when getting started.
  • The processofunconventionalthinking and forward vision that Dick and histeamuse to identifyhistorical repositioningopportunities.
  • How Dick was able topersuadethecity of Manchester to provide the necessary financingfor a fewofhis first redevelopment projects.
  • How to perform afeasibilitystudyon a historical redevelopment project tounderstand theoverallviability of a potential project.
  • Why being a developer isoneofthe most risky endeavors a real estate investor can embarkon,butcan also be one of the most rewarding.
  • Understanding thecapitalstackthat is involved when using federal government fundsforthesehistorical repositioning.
  • The reasons why Dickfeelsthatreal estate developers are a dying breed and whythisshortagerepresents an opportunity for theyoungergeneration.
  • Tips and strategiesthatDickwould give a new aspiring developer who is seekinganexperiencedmentor to help guide them down this path.
  • How not keeping upwithcurrenttrends and the changing needs of the consumer canoftenmeancertain death to a real estate developer.
  • And much more

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