Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast,
Kevin shares the mic with Jack Miller; Commercial Real Estate Investor and Lender of Quick Liquidity and Gelt Financial.

At the ripe age of 18, Jack started his foray into RE investing in the late 80’s with zero credit; Eventually buying up over 100+ homes by the time he turned 21.

After his initial stint, he’s expanded into every asset class you could possibly imagine;
Plus expanding to the lending side of the business and surviving multiple turns in the market over his long career.


[6:19] What is Jack’s Background?
[10:30] What is the Business Model behind Quick Liquidity?
[20:07] What excites Jack the most about the current market?
[29:02] What was Jack’s biggest failure, and how he learned from it?
[35:01] What are Jack’s biggest contributing factors to his success?
[38:09] Jack’s Final Golden Nuggets of Advice

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In this episode of the Real Estate Investment for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with real estate investment expert Tom K. Wilson; Owner of Wilson Investment Properties.

Tom’s foray into real estate investing began back in the 1970’s, originally as an extension of his job in technology. After realizing that he’d become financially independent sooner than relying on stock options and a pension, Tom left the corporate world and began investing full-time.

Since then, Wilson Investment Properties has grown into a boutique Commercial & Multifamily syndicate with a majority presence in Texas. In addition, Tom enjoys giving back to the investor community by education through his local 300+ member meetups, podcast, and other resources on his websites.


[6:04] What is Tom’s Background?
[14:09] How was Tom able to effectively diversify across asset classes?
[22:48] How has Tom built lasting professional connections?
[34:21] What would Tom do differently today, with his current knowledge?
[35:51] What’s the future of retail real estate? Dying or Thriving?

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In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Sapan Talati and Veena Jetti; Founders of Enzo Multifamily.

Enzo’s story begins with two people meeting at a crossroads of their careers; Sapan and Veena had both built up large portfolios of single-family homes, when they realized they hit a scalability ceiling. With the advantage complementary skillsets and a burning desire to “Go Big,” Sapan and Veena decided to jump head-first into Multifamily Syndication.

Enzo is now rapidly growing, acquiring over $100MM of Multifamily Assets in 2017 alone.
Enjoy this rich conversation on building a great team, maintaining investor relationships, and much more.

[5:38] What is Sapan & Veena’s background?
[10:22] Why did Sapan & Veena choose to invest in Multifamily Properties?
[14:14] What does Enzo’s team look like, along with roles & responsibilities?
[17:26] What does Enzo’s business model look like?
[24:59] What Excites and Scares Sapan & Veena in the Multifamily space?
[31:09] What is the end game of Enzo Multifamily?
[34:36] What wound Sapan & Veena do differently when they started out?

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  • Visit Enzo Multifamily’s Website
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In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast,
Kevin shared the mic with Tim Bratz; Owner of CLE Turnkey based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tim’s first deal started at the ripe age of 23, while still an agent for commercial properties.
Tim leveraged his entire credit balance for the purchase and flip of a Single-Family home in 2009, and never looked back.

Years later, Tim realized that his highest-performing assets came from Apartments -- doubling down on his efforts to optimize CLE Turnkey’s portfolio for maximum returns.

CLE Turnkey now specializes in acquiring distressed Apartment Buildings and Commercial Properties, converting the purchases into high-performing assets for their own portfolio.

[10:29] Tim’s first soured partnership, and what he’d do differently.
[31:01] What excites and scares Tim in the current RE Market?
[37:37] How Tim mitigates his risk on every deal.
[46:15] Looking back, what would Tim do differently starting in RE?
[51:00] Tim’s final word of advice to listeners.

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