Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Sapan Talati and Veena Jetti; Founders of Enzo Multifamily.

Enzo’s story begins with two people meeting at a crossroads of their careers; Sapan and Veena had both built up large portfolios of single-family homes, when they realized they hit a scalability ceiling. With the advantage complementary skillsets and a burning desire to “Go Big,” Sapan and Veena decided to jump head-first into Multifamily Syndication.

Enzo is now rapidly growing, acquiring over $100MM of Multifamily Assets in 2017 alone.
Enjoy this rich conversation on building a great team, maintaining investor relationships, and much more.

[5:38] What is Sapan & Veena’s background?
[10:22] Why did Sapan & Veena choose to invest in Multifamily Properties?
[14:14] What does Enzo’s team look like, along with roles & responsibilities?
[17:26] What does Enzo’s business model look like?
[24:59] What Excites and Scares Sapan & Veena in the Multifamily space?
[31:09] What is the end game of Enzo Multifamily?
[34:36] What wound Sapan & Veena do differently when they started out?

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