Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Darin Garman is the president of Heartland Investment Group. 

Darin is a published author, former bank owner, and currently owns and manages a $50+ million-dollar portfolio. He is widely recognized as one of America’s top “Go to Guys” for all things multi-family investing. His experience spans more than 30 years and is hyper-focused on investments in the Heartland region of America. 


“What I tell people when they’re trying to get into their first investment properties, is I really encourage them to do a lot of the management themselves. At least for maybe the first year or two. Because, after you do that, to your point, the experience is invaluable in knowing what you need to know to be a really good manager/owner/investor moving forward. “ 

“There is not going to be any such thing as a perfect property. Even the most perfect property you look into buying, you will find a surprise or a few surprises here and there. However, you also want a certain set of criteria. That criteria isn’t necessarily etched in stone that you can’t waiver from that at all, but on the other hand you just can’t waiver from it too much just to get a deal done.” 


1:34- Darin shares his background and how he found himself in real estate 

7:35- Darin talks about the benefits that he gained long term from doing every job in the beginning  

10:28- Darin gives his opinion on how the pandemic will impact the office space 

12:44- Darin shares pricing differences he’s seen in his area in multi-family housing since last April 

20:05- Darin talks about the most challenging deals he’s had 

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Dick Anagnost is the president and CEO of Anagnost Investment Group. 

Dick has been recognized as a transformational leader and a dynamic force in the ongoing renaissance of Manchester, New Hampshire as he continues on his mission to revitalize the state’s largest city and change its skyline.  

Dick has over 40 years of demonstrated achievements in industrial, commercial, residential, and land development. Through a public-private partnership with the city, he spearheaded the conversion of more than 40 significant properties in the downtown and renowned Millyard districts. 


“A lot of people are known as real estate developers, but they really aren’t developers. What they are, is they’re following a mold or a trend that developers have set.” 

“Real estate is a commodity like anything else. It’s definitely going to go up at some point, but it’s also definitely going to come down at some point.” 


4:01- Dick talks about his background and how he made his way into the commercial real estate space 

10:41- Dick tells us when he decided to get into the development side of the business and step into real estate full time 

13:59- Dick talks about if he had mentors that helped him to learn the ropes 

17:48- Dick shares challenges that he has faced with his business 

20:51- Dick gives his opinion on if the pandemic will bring any new opportunities to New Hampshire 

26:31- Dick tells us about challenges he has faced due to the pandemic 

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Thomas Jorglewich is the president and CEO of Toben Partners. 

Toben partners is a Christian centered real estate investment and management company guided by Biblical principles and a servant’s heart. They specialize in strip and neighborhood shopping centers ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 square feet in size. 


“I’m in the mode now where I’m trying to make a difference in something. I’ve stepped back to try to find out how I can give back something. I’ve been blessed, been very lucky.” 

“What worked for me, is put other people’s interest before you own.” 


3:18- Thomas shares his background 

6:27- Thomas talks about some of the challenges he faced with his first development property 

7:52- Thomas shares how his business has changed since he first began 

10:47- Thomas gives his opinion on the changes that the pandemic will bring about 

18:25- Thomas gives his opinion on if malls will be able to survive the pandemic 

22:08- Thomas talks about the most challenging deal he’s ever dealt with 

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Philip Morgan is the CEO of the Morgan Group. 

As Chief Executive Officer, Philip is responsible for leading MORGAN's strategic planning and growth across all business activities, including development, acquisitions, construction, and property management.  

Since joining MORGAN, Philip has been involved in the development and acquisitions of over 7,000 units at a cost exceeding $1.8B in Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, and Florida. Prior to joining MORGAN, Philip co-founded BlueRoot Partners to take advantage of opportunities to acquire distressed real estate assets in Texas.  

Philip holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania. 


“It’s really tough to do what we do and it’s only getting tougher. So, when you have something great, it can be tough to part with and you take a new risk every time you start over. “ 

“In hindsight, I see that a lot of people put pressure on themselves for their first job out of school or their first couple jobs out of school, what they want to do with their lives. And, I think there is nothing more important than finding great mentors and something that you have a passion for.” 


3:34- Philip shares his background 

8:49- Philip talks about the founding of the Morgan Group 

17:53- Philip talks about the markets today that he is most excited about 

19:27- Philip talks about collection trends in the industry 

23:09- Philip shares if there will be any shifts in developmental models for the future 

26:48- Philip talks about a challenging deal that he’s dealt with 

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Spencer Cullor is a multifamily investor and syndicator. Spencer holds expertise in commercial, multifamily, and residential real estate.  He also spent several years as a homebuilder before moving over to the investment side.  Using his skills in project management, capital raising, financial analysis, construction, and contract management, he has successfully owned and managed multiple framing crews, has overseen numerous rehabilitations and flips of residential homes, multifamily properties, and started his own property management company specializing in multifamily and commercial properties. 


“When you’re getting started or new to the business, take on mechanical systems that you understand and take on much less risk so you can understand the business side of it. Take on easy projects first and get to know it.” 

“The most important thing when we were getting started, is we really became a student of the industry. So, really really learn the business from the ground up.” 


3:41- Spencer talks about his background and how he got into real estate 

13:24- Spencer talks about his property management business 

22:36- Spencer talks about collections due to the pandemic 

26:05- Spencer shares the most challenging deal he’s ever had 

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