Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Feras Moussa is a real estate investment expert.

Feras is a tried and true entrepreneur at heart with a tech background. With a computer science degree from the University of Texas, he went to work at Microsoft straight after college. Feras later resigned from Microsoft to ‘bring tech to industries that lack it,’ where he later found his passion for real estate. Feras quickly built a portfolio of rentals, completing 9 closings in his first 12 months. After having seen the results of rentals, Feras later decided to scale up into apartment complexes, where he met Ben and started Disrupt Equity, a company focused on multi-family acquisition and investments for investors


“A smart seller is someone who basically sets up the business plan for the next buyer, you want to give them a clear path to what they can do and really help them to build the story.”

“One of the mistakes that we made early on was that we were using third-party accounting.”

“Don't just be the guy that just gets an email and doesn’t ask any questions and tries to go underwrite it –– you are not going to succeed.”


02:28 - Feras tells listeners more about his background in real estate.

05:40 - Feras dissects one of his first deals and what he learned about lending.

10:40 - Feras discusses the company that bought his first deal.

13:39 - Feras talks about his company’s vertical integration.

16:10 - Feras provides insight into critical hires he made after starting his management vertical.

17:45 - Feras touches on the cons of in-house property management.

19:25 - Feras dives into acquisitions, how his company is tracking good deals, and his 2022 business strategy.

29:13 - Feras answers Kevin’s golden nugget question.

32:27 - Feras offers some advice to new investors.

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