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#404 FBF: How to successfully readapt to the ever changing Real Estate Investing landscape in order to maintain relevance – with Alan Pollack

Today's Flash Back Friday Episode is from Episode #95 that originally aired in December of 2015.

Our guest for this week’s show is Real estate expert, Alan Pollack. Alan brings a broad range of investment experience to the table and brings a ton of knowledge to our discussion today. Probably one of the most impressive things about Alan and his business is the way that he’s been able to quickly change gears and re-adapt to the ever-changing real estate investing landscape. Being able to master this skill of re-adoption is by far one of the most important traits of any successful real estate investor…especially if you plan on making this a lifelong career.

 In this show with Alan you’re going to learn:

  • How Alan got his start in the real estate business by dealing in bulk non-performing note acquisitions with local and regional banks that operated in the sub-billion dollar range.
  • How he was able to profit from a little-known niche of dealing with non-profits who were experiencing short sales.
  • Why Alan decided to transition into wholesaling and flipping single-family homes at this point in the real estate cycle and how he targets what he refers to as “situation value-add”
  • How they have been doing more deals by going after listed properties vs. off-market deals which they were finding through means of direct mail campaigns.
  • How he and his team utilize technology to successfully automate the process of researching and making offers on listed properties and have had fantastic results.
  • How he was able to obtain his real estate education from a trusted mentor and why he suggests that having a mentor is the one most important thing that both new and seasoned investors should have in their personal and business life.
  • Why he is currently only focused on quick turns at this point in his business rather than long-term hold strategies.
  • The lesson he learned during the downturn of 2006 on a loan that was held by GE capital which was called due before he was able to stabilize it.
  • Why it doesn’t always pay to be cheap when doing renovations on a property and how using top-grade materials can push your profits to another level in the right markets.
  • How partnering with a more experienced investor can save you money on your loan and funding costs.

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