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Orest Mandzy is a commercial real estate expert.

Orest is a Managing Editor of Commercial Real Estate Direct. Orest has been at the forefront of reporting financial news and information for over 3 decades now, and for more than 20 of those years, he’s been leading the charge at Commercial Real Estate Direct, the leading resource for the commercial real estate investment space.


“What happens in the office market will influences how well the retail market works in New York.”

“One of the things we are very focused on right now [is that] multifamily rents have been climbing 18-20 percent and it doesn’t seem like that’s stopping—they’re continuing to climb simply because supply and demand, in most markets…the affordability is going to impact the tenant base.”


01:57 - Orest tells listeners more about his background in real estate.

04:25 - Orest details the most unexpected commercial outcomes he saw over the past two years.

08:30 - Orest discusses his perspective on CNBS debut and fallout within the hospitality space.

13:18 - Orest talks about the future of the New York City commercial real estate market.

15:07 - Orest provides insight into the re-adaptive use of commercial properties.

17:36 - Orest touches on rent control.

20:05 - Orest explains what it was like taking over a company and the biggest lessons learned.

24:50 - Orest talks about the biggest trends within the last decade.

28:54 - Orest dives into crowdfunding.

31:50 - Orest discusses the future of Build-to-Rent.

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