Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Cody Littlewood is a multi-family investment expert. He is a general partner with Curated Investments, a multi-family investment firm based in South Florida. Cody has a long track record and deep expertise in buying, building, and operating companies. His core expertise lies in leading large teams, developing financial models and strategies, deploying capital, and developing operational excellence. Prior to founding Curated Investments, Cody built the software development firm Codelit from an idea and a laptop at his kitchen table all the way to a 70-person company. 





Never be desperate to deploy capital. Patient capital is always going to win. 




06:30: The lessons Cody learned from his first investment

10:25: How Cody’s business has evolved from small investments to bigger ones

13:16: Why real estate typically isn’t a passive investment

15:58: How Cody’s team is managing deals in the current market

19:57: Cody’s long-term investment philosophy

23:09: The pros and cons of working with family offices

30:28: How family offices are managing investments right now



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