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Whitney Hill is the co-founder of SnapADU, a full-service construction firm and service provider that specializes in all aspects of accessory dwelling units. Whitney oversees business operations and development at Snap ADU, which means she's always looking for new technology and partnerships that could help create a better customer experience. Previously, she spent several years as a developer of high-end homes on the east coast. Before turning to real estate, Whitney built a decade of strategic and tactical experience working as a management consultant at Bain & Company and as an operations manager for industrial supply distributor McMaster-Carr. She has a BA from Yale University and received her MBA from NYU Stern. 


Cities want to have affordable housing built, which ADUs qualify as, so they’re pulling for us to get them built. 



06:20: The amount of red tape involved in building an ADU

07:55: What prompted California to have statewide legislation approving ADUs

13:55: Current demand for ADU units

16:45: What SnapADU wants to accomplish in the next 5 years


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