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Today's Flash Back Friday episode is from #344 that originally aired on Oct. 12,2021.

Danny Kalenov is a real estate expert and fund manager.

Since 1999, he has analyzed, purchased, and repositioned a large variety of income-producing real estate assets. Now, Danny is the Founder, Principal, and Fund Manager of Diversus Fund. Diversus was born out of Danny’s frustration with the volatility of the stock market, and the realization that relying on stocks alone for stability in retirement was largely a game of chance.


“If you pay 5x less in Nashville for the exact same home, you’re not going to get 5x more in San Diego for that same home.”

“There are two key considerations that I would look at before making [short term rental] investments, the first one I market and the second one is team.”


01:43 - Danny offers listeners insight into his background and how he entered the real estate space.

05:29 - Danny discusses Diversus Fund’s asset collection.

09:38 - Danny talks about the areas of real estate he first got into.

14:17 - Danny tells us about finding opportunities and his fund’s business model.

16:08 - Danny talks about new lottery legislation in San Diego and regulatory risk.

16:23 - Danny speaks towards short-term markets.

22:28 - Danny talks about the challenges of scaling short-term rentals.

27:54 - Danny discusses national companies that specialize in vacation rentals.

30:25 - Danny tells listeners about Diversus’s presence in the hotel space.

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