Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Brian is a recovering landlord and ex-employee who today invests $5,000 at a time in passive real estate investments. He’s also a personal finance writer, and cofounder of SparkRental with over two decades in real estate and finance. Brian owns fractional shares in over 2,500 units, and regularly contributes as a real estate and personal finance expert for Bigger Pockets, Inman, Best Ever Real Estate, GOBankingRates and more. Along with his wife and daughter, he spends most of the year overseas-hiking, cooking, scuba diving, and surfing.


3:28 - The Birth of SparkRental

11:03 - Brian's Business Model

14:23 - Brian's Asset Classes/Favourites

16:43 - Being Apart of The SparkRental Club

21:43 - Brian's Unique Lifestyle

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