Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp
Ep #5: Learn how Mike went from zero real estate experience to building an 8-figure empire

Mike got into the real estate investing business in 2002 after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. He has since gone on to amass an impressive portfolio of multifamily and mobile home properties in Florida and North Carolina with an estimated value of $50 million.

Mike takes us step-by-step through real world examples of his deals from his very first one to his most recent acquisitions.  He also shares the BIG mistakes he’s made along the way as well as the lessons he’s learned while playing in the in the trenches. Whether you’re a new investor or a seasoned pro, I promise that you’ll walk away with chunks of real world advice which you can apply in your own business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

·         Why mike loves mobile home parks

·         How he’s capitalizing on our down economy by focusing on the affordable housing niche

·         The big mistakes he’s made along the way and what he’s learned from them

·         How he made 1.5 million dollars on one deal in 15 months

·         How he was able to build his portfolio to over 2000 mobile home park units within 10 years

·         Why he describes himself as the “cash flow guy”

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David Lindahl is the founder of, an educational company with a primary focus on teaching people how to invest successfully in apartment buildings.

David started his life 10 years ago as a broke landscaper struggling to get by, and since has built a massive portfolio consisting of 7,000+ apartment units and multiple other commercial real estate holdings. David started his real estate investing career by having a desire to make a change and then taking MASSIVE action to make that change a reality.

In this interview, david pulls back the curtain and reveals the key ingredients that have led to this success. This is one interview when you'll definitely want to have a notepad and pen handy.

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Kevin answers a collection of great questions from the listeners! In this episode, we talk about, the best and fastest ways to find great commercial deals; How to find the capital or partnerships you'll need to close deals; The reality of zero down deals in commercial real estate; The best type of commercial real estate to invest in if you're new and just starting out; How to find great deals on popular sites like loopnet and costar. The Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow podcast provides real estate investing news, advice from top experts, and resources to help you succeed and create massive amounts of cash flow. Learn more and download my free report "The 7 habits of highly successful Multi-Family Investors" at 

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Jeremy Cyrier is the founder of CreInvestEd, an educational company with a focus on helping people get highly versed in the field of commercial real estate investing.

Not only that, but he has his PhD and is a CCIM instructor – one of just over 80 in the country! It’s clear that he has a vast array of knowledge when it comes to commercial real estate.

He found that most of the education out there was centered around single family homes and smaller investing and that it was near impossible to find quality information regarding high seven figure deals, dealing with quality investors, and other aspects of a successful commercial real estate career. On this episode, Jeremy shares his thoughts on why (and how) he chose this path.

- See more at:

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