Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow podcast, Kevin brings in real estate expert, Lee Kearney. Lee’s business is primarily in single family residences and he’s one of the nation’s most active and successful investors. He is known to be a master at scaling real estate businesses.

In the podcast, Lee talks about how he got started in real estate. He tells the story of how he recovered from the financial crash and what he learned from it. Kevin talks about the importance of laying down processes and implementing management strategies for maximum returns.

Lee explains how he scaled his real estate business and how his team conducts and manages in-state and out-of-state deals successfully. Kevin and Lee discuss single family and commercial real estate with Lee sharing some marketing strategies and explains how to find opportunities in the market. They also discuss Lee’s prediction of an imminent downturn. Lee shares his philosophies on hiring employees.


“I recommend to everyone out there, don’t start off trying to rehab houses out of your own market.”

“I learned a lot of things from the way institutions approach business, I’ve tried to institutionalize my business and I think that’s what makes us different.”

“Rather than chasing assets, I’m chasing sellers.”

“So I’m seeing a lot of new operators come in to the business and I think they’re over leveraged.”

“I focus on three things: systems, processes and people. All three are important.”


8:36 Lee’s background and his start in real estate

15:51 Businesses processes and strategies

18:06 Out-of-state deals and scaling the business

24:01 Marketing strategies in single family and commercial real estate

30:15 Lee’s predictions

36:21 Hiring and attracting new talent


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In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow podcast, Kevin talks to real estate and self-storage expert, Kris Benson. Kris is a managing principle at Reliant Investments, a subsidiary of Reliant Real Estate Management, a top 30 operator in the self-storage space. Kris oversees investor relations and equity contributions for Reliant’s portfolio expansions.

In this podcast, Kris shares his inspiring decision to leave his job and pursue business in real estate. He explains how and he got into self-storage real estate and talks about advantages of getting into this asset class. Kris also talks about his involvement with Reliant real estate management and explains how and why he stays with the company.

Kevin and Kris dive further into self storage real estate and discuss the current market in comparison to other asset classes. Kris shares some perspective on the business and talks about value-adds, supply and demand, the risks, opportunities and other things to be considered when acquiring space for development. Kris also tackles marketability and pricing in this highly competitive and dynamic market.


“I’m a big believer that everything in the market that’s going to happen has happened in the past and so for us, it was a function looking at what happened in the last recession and understanding how the asset class was affected.”

“My role is managing and kind of institutionalizing he equity arm of our business so that as we’re growing our portfolio, we have access to equity along the way.”

“At some point, you have to jump in, even if you’re uncomfortable, that’s where you’re going to do the most learning.”

“Our sweet spot really is not too similar than multifamily where you’re trying to find kind of that C property in a B+ or A area.”

“Our pricing definitely changes depending on what we’re seeing because when a facility opens up, most of the time they’re going to drop the rates to get you in the door, and then slowly burn off those discounts and concessions as they go.”


6:07 Kris shares his background and perspective on deals

9:58 How Kris got into the self storage asset class

15:26 Kris’s involvement with Reliant Investing

21:56 Kevin and Kris talk about self-storage space

34:18 Retrofit projects

39:40 Self-storage pricing

43:57 Buying opportunities


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In this episode of the Real Estate Investment for Cash Flow podcast, Kevin brings in his good friend, James Kandsamy.

James is a real estate and multifamily home expert with years of experience in asset management. He is also the director of acquisition and investor relations at Achieve Investment Group, a multifamily investment firm dedicated to acquiring and operating properties with significant value-add components located in high growth top tier US MSA’s.

In the podcast, James talks about why and how he ventured into multifamily real estate. He explains why his property management structure is vertically integrated into his company, a feature which is somewhat unique in multifamily properties.

Kevin and James discuss acquiring leads with today’s online capabilities. James talks about finding and adding value in properties and shares some tools and resources that real estate entrepreneurs can utilize to acquire information about the market.


“I realized that there’s a lot of magic in multifamily commercial real estate because of the fast appreciation so I said ‘I’m moving to commercial real estate.’”

“The best method right now in this market cycle to get started in multifamily or any commercial, I would say, it’s basically to go direct to the seller and do direct mail, cold texting or cold calling and establishing the relationship.”

“You have to use some kind of value proposition to buy this kind of deal —what is special to you that you are able to buy, that someone else is not able to buy?"

“In general, across all my properties in multifamily in San Antonio, we have seen that Google is the best...So make sure you have good reviews in Google. I think almost 80% of my leads come from Google.”

“I think the most important value-add is just good management.”


9:24 James’ background and how he got into multifamily real estate

19:16 Competition and opportunities in multifamily real estate

21:52 Management structure at Achieve Investment

27:14 Getting leads from a marketing perspective

33:13 James talks about a certain deal

39:30 “Valuable value-adds”

41:45 Online resources and sensitivity analyses


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