Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp
Ep #39: Building Massive Cash Flow with Raw Undeveloped Land – with Mark Podolsky

In 2001, Frontier Properties founder Mark Podolsky was an Investment banker with a crazy high-pressure lifestyle in Phoenix.

Like several of his colleagues, Mark liked the idea of investing in real estate. So the next time he earned a commission check, Mark went down to a tax sale auction at the county. He ended up buying a property with a commission from a big deal… and what’s more, Mark put everything he had into buying land in New Mexico.

“My wife thought I was crazy, he says, but I told her, ‘at least we own land.”Sure enough, Mark was able to sell all his New Mexico property at a profit. Even better, Mark was soon able to quit his job to go into the real estate business full-time.

Mark shares with us the steps he took to get to where he is today in having completed more than 5,000+ land transactions. Also, Mark walks us through a few of his most recent land acquisitions and speaks specifically to the step by step process of how he’s built his business.


In this interview with Mark you’re going to learn:

  •         How to buy raw vacant land in desirable areas for 10-20 cents on the dollar
  •          The reasons why sellers will let their land go for so cheap
  •         How he's been able to consistently get returns as high as 1,000% and won't even consider a deal unless he's set to make a minimum return of 300%
  •         How you can truly get started in this niche with very little money - seriously, this isn't BS.
  •          How to find the best end buyers for your raw land deals
  •          The biggest challenges with this strategy
  •          Why he offers easy no qualifying seller financing
  •          How he does all of his due diligence from his home in AZ and never visits a property in person


  •          And much more
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Ep #38: Value-Add Multifamily investor and syndicator shares how he built his portfolio to 2,000+ units – with Michal Ballard

In 2006, Michal transitioned from single family home investments into buying and syndicating value add multifamily properties in the Southeast U.S, where he has amassed a very impressive portfolio of 2,000+ Multifamily units and is adding on average 500 additional units each year.

Making the leap from single family into multifamily investments is a great way to grow your business and start building massive amounts of passive income.  Michal shares with us both the challenges and lessons he has learned through his path to success as a Multifamily REI expert.

Also, Michal walks us through one of his most recent value add multifamily acquisitions and speaks specifically to the step by step process of using as a source of acquiring undervalued commercial real estate investments. You're going to love Michal’s story.

In this interview with Michal you’re going to learn:

  •   How he successfully transitioned from single family investments into his first apartment acquisition
  •         Why he loves apartment buildings and stays away from other asset classes
  •          The steps you need to take in order to get investors begging you to invest their money in your deals
  •          Why he  thinks that the best opportunities in multi-family are the ones priced within the $4-10 million range
  •          Why he feels it's smart for first timers to buy a smaller 2-6 unit property for your first deal in order to help gain experience and build a track record
  •         How he bases his interest in a market by whether or not Fannie Mae is lending there and why you should do the same
  •          How to find hidden gems in the second tier markets
  •          The details on how his funding structure is setup with his money investors
  •          And much more…
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Ep #37: The secret behind making ultra-high returns by investing in Tax Liens Certificates and Tax Deeds - with Ross Budrakey

When a property owner fails to pay the taxes on his or her property, then the city or county in which the property is located has the authority to place a lien on the property to protect their interest. A lien is a legal claim against the property for the unpaid amount that is owed; property that has a lien attached to it cannot be sold or refinanced until the back taxes are paid and the lien is removed.

Ross Budrakey is a nationally recognized expert and educational trainer in the niche of investing in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds. Within a year of learning about tax liens and deeds, Ross tripled the value of his retirement account.  Through the application of his tax sale process and the application of his wealth philosophies, in less than 3 years, Ross has grown his real estate holdings to over a million dollars.  Ross believes anyone, even if they are working full time starting with little money or assets, can become wealthy within three to five years in their own business.  

Now, he is on a mission to help other individuals achieve their financial goals and more importantly stay wealthy by protecting their assets.   Ross shares his proven tax sale strategies to help people live the lifestyle of their dreams and hopes they will pass that knowledge on to their children.

In this interview with Ross you’re going to learn:

·         What is a tax lien and why you need to be investing in this lucrative investment vehicle

·         What attracted him to this somewhat secretive niche of real estate investing

·         How he transitioned from using his own money to purchase tax liens to raising private money to all his deals

·         How and where he networks to meet his private investors

·         The people you need on your team in order to scale your tax lien investing business throughout multiple counties and states

·         How he’s Earning as much as 24% in certain markets

·         Why tax liens have almost no risk

·         How to do your due diligence on a tax lien


·         And much more…

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Ep #36: How To Successfully Build a Multi-Million Dollar RE Portfolio While Working a Full-Time Job - with Kevin Young

Working a full time job while investing in real estate is not always an easy task – but as our guest today shows us, it’s very possible if you put your mind to it and take the right steps. On today’s show we speak with Kevin Young, a real estate investor who has built up an impressive Commercial Real Estate portfolio all while working a very demanding full time job.

Kevin’s story is proof that it’s possible to become a successful commercial real estate investor while working a full-time job as long as you’re willing to put in the time and get the proper education and align yourself with the proper people within the industry who can help you reach your financial goals. Oh, and if working a full-time job isn’t enough, Kevin is an Ironman Triathlete who trains on average 15-20 hours per week. The point I’m trying to make by telling you all of this is that there are no excuses of why YOU can’t build a CASH FLOWING commercial real estate portfolio while working your current job. The proof is right here ladies and gentleman!


In this episode, Kevin shares with us the processes and systems that he’s used to build his real estate portfolio and how anyone listening to this show can yield the same results if they take the proper steps.

In this interview with Kevin you’re going to learn:

  •       How he got started in the RE business
  •       His first steps to getting educated and why he feels the CCIM course are imperative to your success as an investor
  •       The big lessons he learned on his first deal
  •       The importance of surrounding yourself with a team of professionals who know the business
  •       Why sometimes it’s a bad idea to get family financially involved in your RE transactions
  •       How has learned how to successfully structured his life to allow him to work his full-time job, be a part-time investor, and also be involved in multiple other hobbies
  •       Why it’s important to learn how to talk the talk, before you walk the walk
  •       And much more…
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Ep #35:  The path to building a strong multi-million dollar rental portfolio – with Matt Faircloth

On today’s episode, we cover a wide range of really important topics with real estate investor Matt Faircloth, including his first real estate investment, raising capital for deals, dealing with tenants, moving up to larger multi-family and commercial properties, and a lot more.


Matt has invested in the Central NJ and Philadelphia markets for several years now, doing both single tenant and multi-family rentals as well as fix and flips, so he has a ton of insight for both those just getting started and for those with a lot of experience already.

This show has so much good information and helpful tips for any real estate investor.


In this interview with Matt you’re going to learn:

  •       The steps Matt took to buy his first investment property and how that first transaction helped built the foundation of his current success
  •       How he adds huge value in smaller multi-unit properties
  •       How he determines where the path of progress is going in a certain area and how he uses this info to make strategic acquisitions
  •       The steps he took to educate himself in the business and ultimately become the sophisticated investor he is today
  •       How we was able to successfully land a great deal on a property by calling for rent ads and asking the owner if he’s interested in selling
  •       How raising private money from investors has allowed them to scale their business and buy bigger deals
  •       Why it’s so vitally important to surround yourself with people smarter than yourself who can act as mentors or business advisors
  •       And much more…
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