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This week’s episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast features Dan Genzel. Dan has nearly 20 years of experience over a variety of commercial asset classes and has participated in more than $100 Million worth of investment transactions. Dan's experience runs the spectrum including industrial properties, student housing, condo conversions, office, multifamily, and just about everything else.



“That is such a good long-term asset. My kids will deal with that property. Because once these tenants get into that university, and the university continues to get bigger and bigger, it’s just such a good long-term tenant that just builds good customers whether they’re students or faculty. Since the university isn’t going anywhere, it’s a good property to own.” 

“I bought a 40-unit apartment building very close to the college and I and determined that there were no condos available for this particular neighborhood and area around the university. So, what I did is I bought that apartment building for about 50 a door and I think I put in about 15 or 20 on average per door then I turned around and sold them for about $130,000.00 and I’ll tell you what; every one of those were bought by a student’s parent. It’s a phenomenal investment and goes up about 5-10% every time one of those things turns.” 



:58- Dan's background 

6:00- Dan tells his preference in which deal he’s drawn to the most 

12:07- Dan tells us about his first deal 

15:33- Dan tells is which commercial real estate class he thinks will thrive as we move past the pandemic 

21:00- Dan tells us about a deal that went wrong and what he’s do differently a second time around 


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