Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

Today's episode is from Mobile Home Park #109 that originally aired on March 26, 2019.

Host Kevin Bupp is joined by Jethro van Aardt, the Director of Operations at Sunrise Capital Investors, and they break down the many moving parts and processes of due diligence--from kick off to title transfer.

Due diligence is one of the most critical aspects to master when diving into the niche of mobile home park investing. It has its own unique set of nuances and to be aware of, as well as opportunities and usual skeletons in the closet to watch out for.


"Due diligence process, it's a pretty thorough process and a lot of sellers often get intimidated by it. They're worried that you're going to uncover something and it's going to completely throw the deal out so they get kind of secretive, which is pretty strange. It's counter-intuitive." 

"The offsite phase is critical. We need to know that we have the exact information. For example, simple things like the exact address of the property, the exact pad count, how many homes are abandoned, how many homes are resident-owned, how many homes are rented by tenants, etc etc. So it's verifying a lot of information."

"DD is really just a long checklist and it's following that checklist and obviously you start off with the most critical things and, if you can get through those critical things from the top to the bottom, then you reassess and understand do you move forward or not." 

"Sometimes these places look really nice from the outside. When you get inside, they're in really bad shape. You need to understand the quality of the resident base. If anybody is prepared to live on the floors, you know that person's not paying the rent and they're probably going to skip the town in the middle of the night."

 "Unfortunately that's one of the painful things sometimes is that you can do all that prep work and offsite, think that you've covered everything but there's still going to be skeletons and that's why the onsite is so crucial."

Discussed in this Episode:

  • 09:25 Kickoff call process and offsite due diligence
  • 19:55 Onsite due diligence and prelim investment committee phase
  • 38:13 Closing and pre-take on

  • 43:32 Software used by Sunrise Capital Investors

  • 46:54 Usual skeletons in the closet


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