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Al Roti is a nationally recognized author & expert in the niche of government assisted section 8 rentals. Al began his investing business more than 20 years ago working as an apprentice carpenter for another local investor who specialized in low-income section 8 rentals. Very quickly, Al realized that he wanted to become a property owner and investor so he did what any smart person would do, he went looking for a mentor. As luck would have it, Al worked out a deal with his current boss to show him the ropes and help him buy his first investment property, and in exchange Al would agree to work for free.

Fast forward twenty years; Al has built a very impressive rental portfolio consisting of 50+ single family homes in great neighborhoods that he rents to section 8 tenants that throw off a massive cash flow. His system of finding only the BEST tenants is so good that in his 20+ years of investing he’s never had to file a formal eviction.

In this interview, Al shares with us his secret sauce that has made him a multi-millionaire. Al opened my eyes to multiple things I never knew about the section 8 business and I’m positive that you’ll also gain a vast amount of powerful knowledge from this interview as well.


In this interview with Al you’re going to learn:

·         What section 8 is and how it works

·         How to get your rents guaranteed by the government using the voucher program

·         The process of finding extremely high quality section 8 tenants and filtering out the bad ones

·         Why Al prefers to buy in good areas vs. the more common crime ridden low-income section 8 areas

·         The benefit behind section 8’s yearly inspection process and how to use it to your advantage

·         How slow and steady investing has allowed Al to build a massive cash flow machine

·         And much more

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