Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast,
Kevin shared the mic with Tim Bratz; Owner of CLE Turnkey based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tim’s first deal started at the ripe age of 23, while still an agent for commercial properties.
Tim leveraged his entire credit balance for the purchase and flip of a Single-Family home in 2009, and never looked back.

Years later, Tim realized that his highest-performing assets came from Apartments -- doubling down on his efforts to optimize CLE Turnkey’s portfolio for maximum returns.

CLE Turnkey now specializes in acquiring distressed Apartment Buildings and Commercial Properties, converting the purchases into high-performing assets for their own portfolio.

[10:29] Tim’s first soured partnership, and what he’d do differently.
[31:01] What excites and scares Tim in the current RE Market?
[37:37] How Tim mitigates his risk on every deal.
[46:15] Looking back, what would Tim do differently starting in RE?
[51:00] Tim’s final word of advice to listeners.

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