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Dave Van Horn’s chief responsibilities include the oversight of the Company’s strategic planning, business development, and fundraising functions. His expertise is derived from over 30 years of residential and commercial real estate experience as a licensed Pennsylvania realtor, investor, title company partner, and commercial fundraiser. In addition to his role as executive chairman, Dave’s biggest passion is teaching others how to build and preserve wealth. Dave is a co-founder and board member of Strategic Investor Alliance, a purposeful planning and networking group for accredited investors in the Philadelphia area. Dave is also a national speaker, author, and investment blogger on



Is it a recession if unemployment is still low? 



05:30: The transition of bringing in a new CEO to PPR

10:32: How Dave started his investment journey

16:10: Starting out in the distressed notes business and how the strategy differs today

20:05: How PPR adjusted their strategy during the pandemic

21:50: How PPR is structured today

30:42: The way the NPL space has shifted in the current financial environment

35:00: Preparing for opportunities that may come in the NPL business in the near future

37:00: The opportunities PPR is pursuing right now

45:00: Short term rental opportunities right now


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