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Jeffrey Donis did his first real estate deal when he was still in college and then went against his mother’s wishes to drop out and pursue real estate investing full time! Today, he and his team, which include his two brothers, focus on value add multifamily properties in the sunbelt states. In just a few short years, his group has been able to build an impressive portfolio of multifamily assets in some key markets and have plans to continue their growth trajectory.  



Being young, there’s a lot of people who have enough money to invest don’t want to because they don’t trust you. 



04:25: How Jeffrey pivoted from single family deals to apartment syndication

06:45: The hurdles that Jeffrey’s overcome as he’s learned the business

10:00: Difference between lead sponsors and co-GP

15:19: The benefits of being the lead sponsor on a syndication deal

17:00: Jeffrey’s first deal as a lead sponsor and how he handled it

23:10: What Jeffrey is planning in the future


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